I started the story with Edmond being wounded in order that I could have this flashback sequence (aided by morphine use) follow it.  In this section we learn more about Edmond.  He seems to have served a while on airships in the war (held aloft by hot air), but he is also a Quaker.  While there have only been a few things that make it clear that this isn’t quite our history, there haven’t been any major changes yet.  There also haven’t been too many things to make it clear that this is a steampunk world.  With some of the exposition in the bag, we should be able to see more of the world next post.

But, about steampunk!  One of the things that I’ve been looking at doing in addition to this story is cosplaying (dressing up as) a character from this world.  I’m planning on doing that both for a realistic photo, and for a costume I can wear at the Steampunk world’s fair. In order to do the realistic one, I’m putting togeather a period outfit for Edmond shortly after the war, circa 1870.  At this point he’s got a bit more cowboy than soldier, but I’m still debating whether wool pants or blue jeans would be more suitable.  He’ll be wearing a flannel shirt and either a cowboy hat or a wool cap (everyone wore hats back then).  The coolest part of the outfit will be the colt single action army replica and the loop belts though!

The most important part of the costume will actually happen after the photo is taken.  The next post on the 1882 blog will be schematics/sketches of my character’s new arm and leg.  The steam powered prosthetics function (mostly) like the originals, and what I would like to do is photoshop in the arm design on the photo.  If anyone knows photoshop and would like to work with me on it, please let me know!

Plenty of folks are also interested in steampunk-ing nerf guns.  I’ve been looking at the above examples, and I’m going to try to do the same.  I’ve already modded mine a little bit, but I’ll be repainting them and putting gears and stuff on them as well!  I’ve got some advice as to which guns to get for what, because some of the action types lend themselves to Steampunk (the maverick from Nerf, and the Doubleshot, from buzz bee), others to Dieselpunk (The Vulcan from Nerf and the Tommy 20 from Buzz bee) and some to more of a cyberpunk time period (The CS 35 from Nerf, and the Clip blaster 10 from Buzz bee).

I try to keep my posts short and readable, so I’ll be talking about the nerf modification more as a companion to the schematic post coming up next.