“You can see, Captain-”

“Discharged honorably, technician.”

“Well, sir, then you can see in the schematic that the gas burns here, and generates steam, which powers the pistons.  The power generated makes the joints as strong as your old arm, and while the inner workings are sensitive, the frame is solid.  You lose ability to move your wrist, except to rotate it, but it can rotate all the way round.  You can see somewhat how it works in the diagram there.”

“I can see how it works but what I can not see is how I work it.”  Edmond replied, tentatively flexing his new fingers.  “Why can’t I-”

The union doctor followed Edmond’s gaze to his new toes.  “The foot mechanisms are much simpler.  You can move the ankle as you move the fingers, through the connection at the stump here, but the toes simply flex as you walk.”

Edmond sat up in bed, tentatively pushed himself into a standing position, and took a few limping steps before tripping over the heavy steel foot.

“Remember that your body is healing, as well as getting used to the new equipment.”

Edmond gritted his teeth and pulled himself up.