I hate to admit this.
Jim Groom is right.

I planned on telling a number of stories while following my walk to school from my house.  I couldn’t even get my ass off the front porch.  I wanted to find the places where I cracked my head open (not a typo, places), I wanted to visit school, to point out all the shitty stupid dumb houses they built over the field that we tried to build a tree house in.  I wanted to check out the dam, and the big letters in downtown.  Ok, so I didn’t want to do all this in the five minute video, but I thought I’d at least get to the spot where I threw the remains of a pear, and watched it decompose by checking on it every day (SCIENCE).

I didn’t get to any of that.  But I was reminded of it.  Maybe the intarwebs is good for more than just shooting noobs.

Oh, and in case you didn’t get the title.