This is my first post on the archival blog.  With this archive I have a couple questions to answer.  Firstly, why archive it?  That answer is simple, so I don’t fail the class.  It does bring up a lot of questions about why I should preserve the story I’m working on.  I want to keep working on it, I like the story.  I initially thought I should work on wordpress here, because it is free.  However, wordpress reserves the right to reproduce my work elsewhere “for the purpose of promoting my blog.”  Any work I do on their site isn’t quite my own.  Whether or not I end up trying to get my work seriously recognized, I need to make sure that I own it, and without paying 120+ bucks a month to own my own space, I can’t do that.

Of course, the counter question to that is: who is going to steal my work anyway?  The only folks who read the blog were my immediate family, significant other, and professor.  If I wanted to continue with my work in an online space, I would need to try to get a little more recognized.

In the meantime, I don’t know what to do.  If I’m trying to move this toward a professional format/platform, I’d need a flexible platform.  My writing would go well in a magazine, or even a book, but the images and (especially) the sound files?  I think that I should keep writing it (drop down to an entry a week, seeing as I don’t need to do the commentary posts anymore), and send it out to a few folks for editing and revision.  With the small number of people who read it, it would be simple enough to email out, or better yet, to write as a Google doc that readers could write notes in.  Doing it on Google docs would make it simple to edit.

In any event, I’ve got two blog posts left, officially.  This one, and one more story post (for last week, which I’m late on because of computer trouble).  However, one more story post will leave us at a crappy ending point.  So, I’m going to post one more story post after that, probably during the week following exams.  This post, a ‘bonus’ post, will finish out the story arc, simultaneously resolving the issues we’ve seen so far and generating some new ones.  Think of the bonus post like the season finale.

So that is my plan for the story.  Finish the initial arc, archive that part here for as long as possible, and then continue working more privately, brutally using allowing friends to edit via Google docs.